Sony SAL500F40G Manual (en)

You can find information on using the lens in “ Operating Instructions.”
Refer to “ Operating Instructions” on the names of parts, depth-of-field 
table (in meters). Other information, such as notes on use, can be found in 
“ Operating Instructions” and “Precautions before using” on a separate 
 Attaching/detaching the lens
To attach the lens
  Remove the front and rear lens caps and the camera body cap.
  Align the orange index on the lens barrel with the orange index 
on the camera (mounting index), then insert the lens into the 
camera mount and rotate it clockwise until it locks.
  Do not press the lens release button on the camera when mounting the lens.
  Do not mount the lens at an angle.
To remove the lens
While pressing and holding the lens release button on the camera, 
rotate the lens counterclockwise until it stops, then detach the lens.
 Attaching the lens hood
It is recommended that you use a lens hood to reduce flare and ensure 
maximum image quality.
Loosen the locking screw on the lens hood and slip the lens hood 
over the front of the lens. Check that lens hood is attached properly, 
and then tighten the screw.
  When using a built-in camera flash, make sure to remove the lens hood to avoid 
blockage of the flash light.
Attaching the lens front cap
When storing, turn the lens hood back over the lens, and tighten the screw to 
secure the lens hood to the lens.
Attach the lens to the lens front cap firmly, zip the fastener tape and tighten 
with the stopper.
  When attaching the lens front cap to the lens hood, align the holder of the lens 
hood on the hole of the lens front cap.
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Interchangeable Lens
500mm F4 G SSM
 Operating Instructions
Printed in Japan
 Attaching a tripod
Attach the tripod to the lens, not to the camera.
To change vertical/horizontal position
Loosen the collar-locking knob on the tripod-mounting collar and rotate the 
camera either direction. The camera can be quickly switched between vertical 
and horizontal positions while maintaining stability when using a tripod.
  The tripod-mounting collar has a rotation stopping mechanism every 90°. 
Rotating the camera until it clicks into place lets you adjust the camera position 
  Tighten the collar-locking knob firmly after the camera position is set.
 Attaching the strap
Attach the strap so that the lens can be carried easily. Follow steps (1) and (2) 
to attach the strap.
  To prevent the lens from dropping, be sure to attach the strap properly so that 
the strap will not come loose from the lens.
  When carrying the camera with the lens attached, use the strap on the lens. Do 
not use the strap on the camera.
To switch AF (auto focus)/MF (manual focus)
The focus mode can be switched between AF and MF on the lens.
For AF photography, both the camera and lens should be set to AF. For MF 
photography, either or both the camera or lens should be set to MF.
To set the focus mode on the lens
Slide the focus-mode switch to the appropriate mode, AF or MF (1).
  Refer to the camera manuals to set the focus mode of the camera.
  In MF, turn the focusing ring to adjust the focus (2) while looking through the 
viewfinder, etc.
To use a camera equipped with an AF/MF control button
  Press the AF/MF control button to switch AF to MF when both the camera and 
lens are set to AF.
  Press the AF/MF control button to switch MF to AF when the camera is set to 
MF and the lens is set to AF.