Sony SEL24F18Z Specification Guide (en)

Carl Zeiss® Sonnar optics
This is the first Carl Zeiss® lens to be released in the Sony E-mount lineup, employing the legendary 
“Sonnar” optical design for standout image dimensionality and presence. Aspherical lenses 
located on either side of the aperture effectively compensate for distortion, while an ED element 
suppresses chromatic aberration. The overall result is excellent corner-to-corner sharpness even 
with the aperture wide open, for impressive overall resolution.
Large f/1.8 aperture
The large f/1.8 aperture is an ideal choice for shooting interiors in low light, as well as for superb 
background defocusing. Despite being a wide angle lens, The SEL24F18Z allows for 1/4 macro 
shooting with accurate focus as close as 6.2 inches (16cm). The ability to get close to the subject 
enhances this lens’s ability to create beautifully defocused backgrounds while providing a strong 
sense of space.
Smooth and quiet AF for video
Lens operation is fast but at the same time smooth and quiet, minimizing noise and image 
jitter when shooting movies. A linear motor used for focus drive contributes to low-noise focus 
operation, while a stepping motor built into the lens provides smooth, quiet aperture actuation 
ideal for movie shooting.
Circular Aperture
The SAL24F18Z features seven aperture blades that form a near circle. This result in a pleasing 
defocused circular effect on the background of your image when the aperture is set wide open. 
Direct Manual Focus 
Direct Manual Focus (DMF) allows for direct manual focusing after autofocus lock-on without 
having to switch modes. In cases where autofocus has trouble locking onto the subject, or when 
the user wants to focus at a specific point, this feature enables fast and easy fine-tuning. This can 
be particularly useful for portraits as well as macro shots in which depth of field can be extremely