Sony NSC-GC1 Manual (en)

On the “Memory Stick”
On the Memory Stick Duo adaptor
• When using a “Memory Stick Duo” with a 
“Memory Stick” compliant device, be sure to 
insert the “Memory Stick Duo” into a Memory 
Stick Duo adaptor.
• When inserting a “Memory Stick Duo” into a 
Memory Stick Duo adaptor, make sure the 
“Memory Stick Duo” is inserted facing in the 
correct direction, then insert it all the way in. 
Note that improper use may cause a 
malfunction. Also, if you force the “Memory 
Stick Duo” into the Memory Stick Duo adaptor 
in the wrong direction, it may be damaged.
• Do not insert a Memory Stick Duo adaptor 
without a “Memory Stick Duo” attached. Doing 
so may result in malfunctions of the unit.
On a “Memory Stick PRO Duo”
• The maximum memory capacity of a “Memory 
Stick PRO Duo” that can be used on your 
camera is 8 GB.
Notes on using “Memory Stick Micro”
• To use a “Memory Stick Micro” with this 
camera, you need a Duo-sized M2 Adaptor. 
Insert the “Memory Stick Micro” into the Duo-
sized M2 Adaptor, and then insert the adaptor 
into the Memory Stick Duo slot. If you insert a 
“Memory Stick Micro” into this camera without 
using a Duo-sized M2 Adaptor, you might not 
be able to remove it from the camera.
• Do not leave the “Memory Stick Micro” within 
the reach of small children. They might 
accidentally swallow it.
On image data compatibility
• Image data files recorded on a “Memory Stick 
Duo” by your camera conform to the “Design 
rule for Camera File system” universal standard 
established by the JEITA (Japan Electronics and 
Information Technology Industries 
• On your camera, you cannot play back still 
images recorded on other devices that do not 
conform to the universal standard. (These 
models are not sold in some regions.)
• If you cannot use a “Memory Stick Duo” that 
has been used with another device, format it 
with your camera (page 56). Note that 
formatting erases all information on the 
“Memory Stick Duo”.
• You may not be able to play back images with 
your camera:
– When playing back image data modified on 
your computer.
– When playing back image data recorded with 
other devices.