Nikon Nikon 1 AW1 Reference Manual (en)

❚❚ Flash Modes
The options available vary with the shooting mode.
(fill flash): The flash fires with every shot.
NY  (red-eye reduction): Use for portraits. The flash fires with
every shot, but before it fires, the red-eye reduction lamp lights
to help reduce “red-eye.” Not available in 
4 (underwater; 5,
6) mode.
NYp (red-eye reduction + slow sync): As for “red-eye reduction”,
above, except that shutter speed slows automatically to cap-
ture background lighting at night or under low light. Use when
you want to include background lighting in portraits. Available
only in modes P and A.
Np  (fill flash + slow sync): As for “fill flash”, above, except that
shutter speed slows automatically to capture background
lighting at night or under low light. Use when you want to cap-
ture both subject and background. Available only in modes PA,
4 (underwater; 5, 6).
Nr  (rear curtain + slow sync): As for “rear-curtain sync”, below,
except that shutter speed slows automatically to capture back-
ground lighting at night or under low light. Use when you want
to capture both subject and background. Available only in
modes PA, and 
4 (underwater; 5, 6).
Nq  (rear-curtain sync): The flash fires just before the shutter
closes, creating a stream of light behind moving light sources
as shown below at right. Available only in modes S and M.
s  (off): The flash does not fire. Available only when built-in
flash is raised; not available in 
o (night portrait) mode or when
HDR is disabled in 
m (backlighting) mode.
Front-curtain sync
Rear-curtain sync