Nikon Nikon 1 AW1 Reference Manual (en)

Playback: Scrolling Through Pictures
During playback, you can choose the picture displayed by press-
ing the 
C button, tilting the camera left or right, and releasing
the button to display the selected picture full frame (in thumb-
nail playback, the camera will display and scroll through pictures
full frame while the 
C button is pressed, and then when the but-
ton is released return to thumbnail playback with the selected
picture highlighted).
Tilt the camera sharply to jump ahead or back 10 pictures. Dur-
ing movie playback, you can press the 
C button and tilt the
camera to advance or rewind (
0 71; speed increases the more
you tilt the camera). When movie playback is paused, you can
press the 
C button and tilt the camera to advance or rewind a
frame at a time; playback pauses again when the button is
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