Nikon Nikon 1 AW1 Reference Manual (en)

Location Data
Before using the location data function, read the warnings on page xviii.
Local geographic and atmospheric conditions may prevent or delay
the acquisition of location data. The camera may be unable to receive
location data or may report its location incorrectly indoors, under-
ground, under water, or in metal containers or the vicinity of high-volt-
age transmission lines, large structures, trees, or other objects that
block or reflect satellite signals. Pay attention to your footing and sur-
roundings when looking for locations with good reception. The posi-
tions of navigation satellites are continuously changing, preventing or
delaying the acquisition of location data at certain hours of the day. The
presence of cellular telephones or other devices that produce mag-
netic fields or that cause radio noise or transmit on frequencies close to
those of navigation satellites may also interfere with the acquisition of
location data.
Note that the camera may take some time to acquire a signal immedi-
ately after the battery is inserted or when the location data function is
enabled for the first time, after an extended period of disuse, or after
the camera has been moved a great distance from the position in
which location data were last received. Location data for photographs
recorded in continuous release modes are for the first frame in each
sequence. Note that when the location data function is enabled, the
camera will continue to receive location data for a limited time even
when off, increasing the drain on the battery. To prevent the camera
turning off unexpectedly, make sure the battery is charged.
Location data provided by satellite navigation systems are accurate to
within a few hundred meters. Depending on the accuracy of the data
acquired from the satellite system and the effects of local topography
on satellite reception, the location data recorded with pictures may dif-
fer from the actual location.
Viewing Location Data
During playback, pictures taken with the location data function
enabled are indicated by a 
! icon. The data can be viewed in the play-
back photo info display (
0 115) or plotted on a map using the supplied
ViewNX 2 software (
0 133). Note that the playback photo info display
shows the time and date of recording as reported by the camera clock;
the camera can not be used to view the time and date at which the
location data were acquired.