Nikon Nikon 1 AW1 Reference Manual (en)

Location Data Options
The Location data item in the setup menu provides access to
the following options:
• Record location data: Select Yes to record the current position
when a picture is taken (
provided by the camera’s location data function, and altitude
or depth by the altimeter/depth gauge.
• Position: View the current latitude, longitude, altitude, and time
reported by the built-in location data unit and altimeter, the
expiry date for the current assisted GPS (A-GPS or aGPS) file,
and the current heading reported by the electronic compass.
The location data unit reports the current UTC standard time
independent of the time given by the camera clock.
• Set clock from satellite: Select Yes to synchronize the camera clock
with the time reported by the location data unit.
• Update A-GPS file: Load an updated A-GPS file from the memory
card (
• Auto power off: Select Disable to prevent the camera powering
off automatically while the location data function is on. If
Enable is selected, the monitor will turn off automatically if no
operations are performed for the time selected for Auto power
 in the setup menu (
0 22), reducing the drain on the bat-