Nikon Nikon 1 AW1 Reference Manual (en)

Pictures can be deleted from the memory card as described
below.  Note that once deleted, pictures can not be recovered; pro-
tected images, however, will not be deleted.
Deleting the Current Picture
The Playback Menu
To delete multiple images, press the 
G button, select Delete
in the playback menu, and choose from the options below.  A
confirmation dialog will be displayed; select Yes to delete the
images (note that some time may be required if a large number
of images is selected).
Deleting Pictures
To delete the picture currently displayed
in full-frame playback or selected in the
thumbnail list, press 
O. A confirmation
dialog will be displayed; press 
O again to
delete the picture and return to playback,
or press 
K to exit without deleting the
O button
Delete selected images
Highlight images and press 
1 or 3  to  select  or
deselect (
0 145). Press J to exit when the selec-
tion is complete.
Delete all images
Delete all pictures on the memory card.