Nikon Nikon 1 AW1 Reference Manual (en)

The product is not guaranteed shock-, water-, or
dust-proof if the special-purpose waterproof lens
is not attached. Before using this product, be sure
to read the following sections, together with the
instructions in “For Your Safety” (
0 211–214). Before using the product underwa-
ter, read the cautions in “Underwater Photogra-
Precautions: Shock-Proofing
Observe the following precautions when using
the camera with special-purpose waterproof
• The product is not guaranteed shockproof if the
flash is raised.
• Do not intentionally subject the product to vio-
lent physical shocks, place it under heavy
objects, or attempt to force it into bags or other
spaces too small to contain it.
• Do not expose the product to depths greater than 15 m (49 ft) or to rapids,
waterfalls, or other water under high pressure.
• Damage due to user error is not covered under warranty.
Precautions: Water- and Dust-Proofing
Observe the following precautions when using the camera with special-pur-
pose waterproof lenses:
• Apart from the special-purpose waterproof lens, the accessories supplied
with the camera are not waterproof. Special-purpose waterproof lenses are
themselves waterproof only when attached to the camera.
• The product is proof only against fresh water (such as pools, rivers, and
lakes) and seawater. Do not take into hot springs or baths.
• Do not expose to depths greater than 15 m
(49 ft) or to rapids, waterfalls, water flowing at
full force from a tap, or other water under high
pressure. Failure to observe these precautions
could expose the product to pressures high
enough to cause water entry.
• Do not leave immersed for more than 60 min-
utes at a time.
Important: Waterproof Lenses
15 m
15 m
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