Nikon Nikon 1 AW1 Reference Manual (en)

• Internal parts will be damaged by water and dust. To prevent water entry, do
not remove the lens, open the connector or battery-chamber/memory card
slot cover, or operate the lens release button or the latches or security locks
on the connector and battery-chamber/memory card slot covers with wet
hands, when the camera is wet, or in locations exposed to spray, wind, sand
or dust. Ensure that memory cards and batteries are dry before insertion.
Should the product leak, cease use immediately, dry the camera and lens,
and consult a Nikon-authorized service representative.
• Water and other liquids on the lens O-ring seal or inside the connector and
battery-chamber/memory card slot covers should be removed immediately
with a soft, dry cloth. Other foreign matter should be removed from these
surfaces with a blower, taking care to remove any small particles from the
sides and corners of the watertight channels. Foreign matter on the camera
body can be removed with a soft, dry cloth. Do not use soap, cleansers, or
other chemicals, and be sure to remove suntan oil, sunblock, bath salts,
detergent, soap, organic solvents, oil, alcohol, and the like immediately.
• Do not leave the product for extended periods in locations that are exposed
to freezing temperatures or temperatures over 50 °C (122 °F), such as in
enclosed vehicles, on board boats, on the beach, in direct sunlight, or near
heating equipment. Failure to observe this precaution may make the prod-
uct vulnerable to water entry.