Nikon Nikon 1 AW1 Reference Manual (en)

The option selected for image size does not affect the size of NEF (RAW)
images.  NEF (RAW) images can be viewed on the camera or using soft-
ware such as Capture NX 2 (available separately
0 202) or ViewNX 2
When photographs taken at NEF (RAW) + JPEG are viewed on the cam-
era, only the JPEG image will be displayed. When photographs taken at
these settings are deleted, both NEF and JPEG images will be deleted.
File Names 
Photos and movies are stored as image files with names of the form
“xxx_nnnn.yyy,” where:
• xxx is either NMS (Motion Snapshots recorded with NMS files
selected for File format
0 160) or DSC (photos, MOV-format Motion
Snapshots, and movies, including copies created with Edit movie;
0 150),
• nnnn a four-digit number between 0001 and 9999 assigned automat-
ically in ascending order by the camera, and
• yyy one of the following three letter extensions: “NEF” for NEF (RAW)
images, “JPG” for JPEG images, or “MOV” for movies.
The NEF and JPEG files recorded at settings of NEF (RAW)+JPEG have
the same file names but different extensions.  Trimmed copies created
with Edit movie (
0 150) have file names beginning with “DSC”; copies
created with the other retouch options in the playback menu have file
names beginning with “CSC” (e.g., “CSC_0001.JPG”).  Images recorded
with  Adobe RGB selected for Color space  (
0 162) have names that
begin with an underscore (e.g., “_DSC0001.JPG”).
Image Quality and Size
Together, image quality and size determine how much space each pho-
tograph occupies on the memory card. Larger, higher quality images
can be printed at larger sizes but also require more memory, meaning
that fewer such images can be stored on the memory card (