Nikon Nikon 1 AW1 Reference Manual (en)

• The product is not guaranteed waterproof if struck, dropped, or otherwise
subjected to strong pressure or violent physical shocks or vibration. If the
product does suffer a fall or other physical shock, take it to Nikon-authorized
service personnel and have it tested to make sure that it is still waterproof.
Note that a fee will be charged for this service.
• Damage due to user error is not covered under warranty.
Operating Environment
The camera and special-purpose waterproof lenses have been tested and
approved for use at temperatures between –10 °C and +40 °C (+14 °F to
104 °F) on land and 0 °C and +40 °C (+32 °F to 104 °F) in water. Note the fol-
lowing precautions:
• Battery performance drops at low temperatures. Keep the camera warm, or
ready a spare battery and keep it in a warm location.
• At low temperatures, the monitor may not perform as expected immedi-
ately after the camera is turned on: for example, after-images may appear or
the monitor may seem darker than normal.
• In cold environments, remove any snow or rain immediately. Buttons,
switches, and other camera controls may become difficult to operate if
allowed to freeze, while sound quality may be affected if water is allowed to
accumulate in the holes in the microphone and speaker covers.
• Prolonged contact with cold metal can damage exposed skin. Wear gloves
when handling the camera for extended periods at low temperatures.
• Select a dry location when attaching or removing special-purpose water-
proof lenses, and avoid leaving the camera with the body cap removed or
the battery-chamber/memory slot or connector cover open or the lens with
the rear cap removed in humid locations. Failure to observe these precau-
tions could result in condensation forming inside the lens when the product
is taken into the water. Condensation may also form inside the lens, monitor,
or watertight channel if the product is exposed to rapid changes in temper-
ature, such as occur when the product is taken into cold water from a hot
shore location, into a warm room from a cold exterior, or the battery-cham-
ber/memory card slot cover is opened or closed or lenses are attached or
removed in a humid location. Such condensation will not cause malfunction
or other damage, and should dissipate if the product is first taken to a loca-
tion with a stable temperature—free from heat, humidity, sand, and dust—
and then turned off and left with the battery and memory card removed
and the battery-chamber/memory card slot and connector covers open
until it has reached the ambient temperature. Consult Nikon-authorized ser-
vice personnel should the condensation fail to dissipate.