Nikon Nikon 1 AW1 Reference Manual (en)

Observe the following precautions when using the location data and track
log features:
• Track logs: While Yes is selected for Location data > Record location data in
the setup menu (
0 104), location data will be recorded with all pictures
taken and the camera will continue to monitor location data even while off.
Radio waves produced by the device may affect medical equipment and air-
craft navigation systems; in situations in which the use of satellite naviga-
tion devices is restricted or prohibited, such as in hospitals or aircraft, end
the current track log, select No for Record location data, and turn the cam-
era off.
• Sharing location data: Note that addresses and other personal information may
be inferred from the location data stored in track logs or embedded in
images. Exercise caution when sharing images and track logs or when post-
ing them to the Internet or other locations where they can be viewed by
third parties. See “Disposing of Data Storage Devices” (
0 xxii) for informa-
tion on erasing location data before disposing of the camera or memory
• Navigation: The position, altitude, depth, and other location data reported by
the device are approximations only and are not intended for surveying or
navigation. Be sure to take appropriate maps or other navigational devices
with you when using the product during such outdoor activities as boating,
diving, mountain climbing, or hiking.
• Restrictions on use: The location data function may not perform as expected in
some countries or regions, including (as of October, 2013) China and in the
vicinity of the Chinese border. Some countries prohibit unauthorized use of
satellite navigation and other location data devices; before travelling, check
with your travel agent or the embassy or tourism board of the countries you
will be visiting. Where use is prohibited, select No for Location data >
Record location data.
Important: Location Data (GPS/GLONASS)