Nikon Nikon 1 AW1 Reference Manual (en)

Measure white balance.
When the camera is ready to measure
white balance, a flashing 
L will be dis-
played. Before the indicator stops flash-
ing, frame the reference object so that
it fills the display and press the shutter-
release button all the way down. No
photograph will be recorded; white bal-
ance can be measured accurately even
when the camera is not in focus.
Check the results.
If the camera was able to measure a
value for white balance, the message
shown at right will be displayed.  To
return to shooting mode immediately,
press the shutter-release button half-
If lighting is too dark or too bright, the
camera may be unable to measure
white balance.  The message at right
will be displayed. Return to Step 3 and
measure white balance again.