Nikon Nikon 1 AW1 Reference Manual (en)

Auto Power Off
White balance measurement will end without a new value being
acquired if no operations are performed for the time selected for Auto
power off
 in the setup menu (
0 195; the default is 1 minute).
Preset White Balance
The camera can store only one value for preset white balance at a time;
the existing value will be replaced when a new value is measured. Note
that exposure is automatically increased by 1 EV when measuring
white balance; in mode M, adjust exposure so that the exposure indica-
tor shows ±0 (
Color Temperature
The perceived color of a light source varies with the viewer and other
conditions.  Color temperature is an objective measure of the color of a
light source, defined with reference to the temperature to which an
object  would  have  to  be  heated  to  radiate  light  in  the  same  wave-
lengths.  While light sources with a color temperature in the neighbor-
hood of 5000–5500 K appear white, light sources with a lower color
temperature, such as incandescent light bulbs, appear slightly yellow
or red.  Light sources with a higher color temperature appear tinged
with blue. The camera white balance options are adapted to the follow-
ing color temperatures (all figures are approximate):
• Sodium-vapor lamps: 2700 K
J (incandescent)/
Warm-white fluorescent
3000 K
• White fluorescent: 3700 K
I (cool-white fluorescent): 4200 K
• Day white fluorescent: 5000 K
H (direct sunlight): 5200 K
N (flash): 5400 K
G (cloudy): 6000 K
• Daylight fluorescent: 6500 K
Mercury-vapor lamps: 7200 K
M (shade): 8000 K