Nikon Nikon 1 AW1 Reference Manual (en)

To copy custom Picture Controls to or from the memory card, or
to delete custom Picture Controls from the memory card, select
Load from/save to card in the Custom Picture Control menu.
The following options will be displayed:
Select On to reduce “noise” (randomly-spaced bright pixels,
lines, or fog).  If Off is selected, noise reduction will only be per-
formed at high ISO sensitivities; the amount of noise reduction is
less than that performed when On is selected.
Copy to camera
Copy custom Picture Controls from the memory card to
custom Picture Controls C-1 through C-9.
Delete from card
Delete selected custom Picture
Controls from the memory
card.  The confirmation dialog
shown at right will be dis-
played before a Picture Control
is deleted; to delete the
selected Picture Control, high-
light Yes and press 
Copy to card
Copy a custom Picture Control (C-1 through C-9) to a
selected destination (1 through 99) on the memory card.
Copy to Card
Up to 99 custom Picture Controls can be stored on the memory card at
any one time. The memory card can only be used to store user-created
custom Picture Controls. The preset Picture Controls supplied with the
camera can not be copied to the memory card or deleted.
Custom Picture Control > Delete
The Delete option in the Custom Picture Control menu can be used to
delete selected custom Picture Controls from the camera when they
are no longer needed.
High ISO Noise Reduction