Nikon Nikon 1 AW1 Reference Manual (en)

Adjust the following display options.
Display Brightness
1 or 3 to choose a value for moni-
tor brightness.  Choose higher values to
brighten the display and lower values to
make the display darker. Hi (maximum
brightness) is automatically selected in
outdoor mode (
High Contrast Display
Select On to increase display contrast,
making the display easier to read in sun-
light or under bright lights. On is auto-
matically selected in outdoor mode
Grid Display
Select  On to display a framing grid
Highlight items and press 
2 to select or
deselect. If Autofocus/self-timer is
selected, a beep will sound when the
camera focuses and during self-timer
photography; to mute the beep, remove
the check from this item.  Select Shutter
to play a sound when the shutter is
released, or remove the check from this
item to mute the shutter.  Press 
J to exit
when settings are complete.
Sound Settings