Nikon Nikon 1 AW1 Reference Manual (en)

Reduce flicker and banding in the display and in movies while
shooting under fluorescent or mercury-vapor lighting. Choose a
frequency which matches that of the local AC power supply.
When a photograph is taken or a movie is
recorded, the camera names the file by
adding one to the number of the previ-
ous file (
0 158).  If the current folder is
numbered 999 and contains either 999
photographs or a photograph numbered
9999, the shutter-release button will be disabled and no further
photographs can be taken. To reset file numbering to 0001,
select Yes for Reset file numbering and then either format the
current memory card or insert a new memory card.
Flicker Reduction
Flicker Reduction
If you are unsure as to the frequency of the local power supply, test
both options and choose the one that produces the best results. Flicker
reduction may not produce the desired results if the subject is very
bright, in which case you should select mode A or M and choose a
smaller aperture (larger f-number). Flicker reduction is not available
when Underwater is selected in creative mode.
Reset File Numbering