Nikon Nikon 1 AW1 Reference Manual (en)

Approved Eye-Fi Cards
Eye-Fi cards can be inserted in the camera and used to upload
photographs to a preselected destination.  Eye-Fi cards are for
use only in the country of purchase in accordance with local reg-
ulations.  Eye-Fi cards may not be available in some countries or
regions; consult the manufacturer for more information. Be sure
the Eye-Fi card firmware has been updated to the latest version.
When an Eye-Fi card is inserted, its status
is indicated by an icon in the display:
f (static): Eye-Fi upload enabled; wait-
ing to begin upload.
f (animated): Eye-Fi upload enabled;
uploading data.
e: Eye-Fi upload enabled but no pictures available for upload.
g: Error.
Eye-Fi Cards
Note that pictures will not be uploaded if signal strength is insufficient.
In locations in which wireless devices are prohibited, turn the camera
off and remove the card.  See the manual provided with the Eye-Fi card,
and direct any inquiries to the manufacturer.