Nikon Nikon 1 AW1 Reference Manual (en)

Do not leave the lens pointed at the sun
: Do not leave the lens pointed at the
sun or other strong light source for an extended period.  Intense light
may cause the image sensor to deteriorate or produce a white blur effect
in photographs.
: Moiré is an interference pattern created by the interaction of an
image containing a regular, repeating grid, such as the pattern of weave
in cloth or windows in a building, with the camera image sensor grid.  In
some cases, it may appear in the form of lines. If you notice moiré in your
photographs, try changing the distance to the subject, zooming in and
out, or changing the angle between the subject and the camera.
: Noise in the form of lines may in rare cases appear in pictures of
extremely bright or backlit subjects.
: Batteries may leak or explode if improperly handled. Observe
the following precautions when handling batteries:
• Use only batteries approved for use in this equipment.
• Do not expose the battery to flame or excessive heat.
• Keep the battery terminals clean.
• Turn the product off before replacing the battery.
• Remove the battery from the camera or charger when not in use and
replace the terminal cover.  These devices draw minute amounts of
charge even when off and could draw the battery down to the point
that it will no longer function.  If the battery will not be used for some
time, insert it in the camera and run it flat before removing it and stor-
ing it in a location with an ambient temperature of 15 °C to 25 °C (59 °F
to 77 °F; avoid hot or extremely cold locations).  Repeat this process at
least once every six months.
• Turning the camera on and off repeatedly when the battery is fully dis-
charged will shorten battery life. Batteries that have been fully dis-
charged must be charged before use.
• The internal temperature of the battery may rise while the battery is in
use. Attempting to charge the battery while the internal temperature is
elevated will impair battery performance, and the battery may not
charge or charge only partially.  Wait for the battery to cool before
• Continuing to charge the battery after it is fully charged can impair bat-
tery performance.