Nikon Nikon 1 AW1 Reference Manual (en)

• A marked drop in the time a fully charged battery retains its charge
when used at room temperature indicates that it requires replacement.
Purchase a new EN-EL20 battery.
• Charge the battery before use.  When taking photographs on impor-
tant occasions, ready a spare EN-EL20 battery and keep it fully charged.
Depending on your location, it may be difficult to purchase replace-
ment batteries on short notice.  Note that on cold days, the capacity of
batteries tends to decrease.  Be sure the battery is fully charged before
taking photographs outside in cold weather.  Keep a spare battery in a
warm place and exchange the two as necessary.  Once warmed, a cold
battery may recover some of its charge.
• Used batteries are a valuable resource; recycle in accord with local reg-
Servicing the Camera and Accessories
The camera is a precision device and requires regular servicing.  Nikon
recommends that the camera be inspected by the original retailer or
Nikon-authorized service representative once a year, and that it be ser-
viced once every three to five years (note that fees apply to these ser-
vices).  Frequent inspection and servicing are particularly
recommended if the camera is used professionally.  Any accessories
regularly used with the camera, such as lenses, should be included
when the camera is inspected or serviced.