Nikon Nikon 1 AW1 Reference Manual (en)

Shooting (PSA, and M Modes)
The shutter release is disabled
: You selected mode S after choosing a shutter
speed of “Bulb” in mode M (
Some shutter speeds are not available
: You are using the flash.
Colors are unnatural
• Adjust white balance to match the light source (
• Adjust Picture Control settings (
Cannot measure white balance
: The subject is too dark or too bright (
Picture Controls produce varying results
:  A (auto) is selected for sharpening,
contrast, or saturation.  For consistent results over a series of photos,
choose another setting (
Noise (reddish areas and other artifacts) appears in long time-exposures
: Enable
long exposure noise reduction (
Cannot record movies
: The movie-record button can not be used to record
movies in best moment capture or Motion Snapshot mode (
No sound is recorded for movies
•  Microphone off is selected for Movie sound options > Microphone
• Live audio is not recorded with slow-motion movies (
NEF (RAW) images are not displayed
: The camera displays only the JPEG copies
of NEF (RAW) + JPEG fine images (
“Tall” (portrait) orientation photos are displayed in “wide” (landscape) orientation
• Select On for Rotate tall (
• The photos were taken with Auto image rotation off (
• Camera was pointed up or down when the photo was taken (
• Photo is displayed in image review (