Nikon Nikon 1 AW1 Reference Manual (en)

Location Data
Cannot hear movie sound
• Press the 
X button to raise the volume (0 70).  If  the  camera  is  con-
nected to a television (
0 136), use the controls for the TV to adjust the
• Live audio is not recorded with slow-motion movies (
0 72) or Motion
Snapshots (
Cannot delete images
• Remove protection from the files before deletion (
• The memory card is locked (
Cannot select photos for printing
: The memory card is full (
0 27) or locked
0 17) or the photos are in NEF (RAW) format.  To print NEF (RAW) pho-
tos, transfer the pictures to a computer and use the supplied software or
Capture NX 2 (
Pictures are not displayed on TV
: The camera is not correctly connected
Pictures cannot be transferred to a computer
: If your system does not meet the
requirements on page 128, you may still be able to transfer pictures to
the computer using a card reader.
Photos are not displayed in Capture NX 2
: Update to the latest version (
The camera is slow to acquire location data or does not display location data
• The  camera  may  be  unable  or  slow  to  acquire  location  data  in  some
localities (
0 104). The location data function works best in areas with a
clear view of the sky.
• Some time may be needed to acquire location data on first use, after
extended periods of disuse, or after the camera battery has been
removed and reinserted (
• Update assisted GPS file (
Location data are not recorded with pictures
: Location data will not be recorded
if the satellite signal indicator shows 
% or & (0 105). Check satellite sig-
nal status before shooting.
Location data are recorded, but are not correct
: Variations in local topography
may result in errors of up to several hundred meters (