Nikon Nikon 1 AW1 Reference Manual (en)

Cannot update assisted GPS file
• Check that the memory card is inserted and contains an assisted GPS
• The assisted GPS file is corrupt. Download the file again (
• The camera clock is not set. Set the camera clock (
“Use location data” is not available for “Altitude/depth options” > “Alt./depth correc-
tion” in the setup menu
• No is selected for Location data > Record location data in the setup
menu (
• Location data are available from fewer than three satellites (
“Create log” is not available in the setup menu
Cannot start location data log
• No is selected for Location data > Record location data in the setup
menu (
• A location data log is already active. Select Create log > End log to end
the current log before starting a new one (
Cannot save the current log
• Confirm that a memory card is inserted.
• The camera can record a maximum of 36 location data logs and 36
depth logs per day.
• Each memory card can store a maximum of 100 location data logs and
100 depth logs for a total of 200 logs. If necessary, delete unwanted
logs (
0 113) or insert another memory card (0 16).
The date of recording is not correct
: Set the camera clock (
Menu items are unavailable
: Some options are only available at particular
settings (
0 215) or when a memory card is inserted (0 16).