Nikon Nikon 1 AW1 Reference Manual (en)

Precautions for Use
Lenses over 380 g (13.4 oz) should be supported at all times.
Do not hold the camera or carry the camera by the strap with-
out supporting the lens.  Failure to observe this precaution
could damage the camera lens mount.
• Lines may appear in photographs taken with non-CPU lenses
stopped down to minimum aperture.
• Select mode A or M to prevent sounds made by the lens being
picked up by the microphone.
• Frame rates may slow when 5 fps is selected for Continuous/
• Certain lenses will block the AF-assist illuminator and, at some
distances, the flash.
• The tops and bottoms may be missing from circular bokeh
shapes created at wide apertures using lenses with a maximum
aperture of f/1.4.
• The camera is not water- or shock-proof with the FT1 attached.