Nikon Nikon 1 AW1 Reference Manual (en)

Detaching the Waterproof Lenses
Be sure the camera is off when removing
or exchanging lenses. To remove the lens,
press and hold the lens release button
(q) while rotating the lens as shown (w)
and then detach the lens from the cam-
era. After removing the lens, replace the
lens caps and camera body cap.
Attaching and Removing Waterproof Lenses
Before attaching or removing a waterproof lens, be sure the lens
and camera are completely dry, that the O-ring is not cracked, dam-
aged, twisted, or out of position, and that the camera O-ring and
lens O-ring seal (
0 240) are free of hair, dust, sand, and other for-
eign objects. Do not exchange lenses when your hands are wet or
have salt on them or in areas exposed to wind, spray, dust, or sand,
and be careful that water does not drop into the interior of the cam-
era or lens.
Silicon Grease
The O-ring can be lubricated with the
supplied silicon grease or with optional
WP-G1000 silicon grease, preventing
wear and making waterproof lenses eas-
ier to attach and remove (
apply, place a bead of grease in a plastic
bag and use your fingers to spread the
grease throughout the bag (q), then
insert the O-ring and massage the bag to
coat the ring (w).  Use only silicon grease
designated for use with this product
. Failure
to observe this precaution could result in
O-ring becoming stretched or otherwise deformed.