Nikon Nikon 1 AW1 Reference Manual (en)

Live Image Control
Live image controls let you adjust set-
tings without leaving the shooting dis-
play, allowing you to preview how the
changes will affect your photographs. To
view the live image controls available in
auto mode, press 
1 (&). Highlight a con-
trol and press 
J to select, then press 1
3 to adjust the control and press J to
return to shooting mode. To cancel the
control, press 
1 (&) again.
Active D-Lighting
: Preserve details in high-
lights and shadows for natural contrast.
Increase effect
Reduce effect
Active D-Lighting: High Active D-Lighting: Low
Background softening
: Soften background
details to make your subject stand out, or
bring both background and foreground
into focus.
Sharpen background
Soften background
Background sharp
Background softened