Nikon Nikon 1 AW1 Reference Manual (en)

Underwater Photography
With a special-purpose waterproof lens attached, the camera
can  be  used  at  depths  of  up  to  15  m  (49  ft)  for  as  long  as
60 minutes at a time. Before using the camera under water, be
sure that you have read and understood the instructions in this
section and have removed straps intended exclusively for use on
land (hand straps, available separately from third-party suppli-
ers, are recommended to prevent loss during underwater use).
To prevent water entry or other damage, observe the following
precautions when using the camera underwater:
• Be sure a special-purpose waterproof lens is attached. The
camera  is  not  waterproof  when  a  waterproof  lens  is  not
attached, while waterproof lenses are only waterproof when
attached to the camera. Do not expose the camera to water
when a waterproof lens is not attached nor waterproof lens to
water when not attached to the camera.
• The sudden change in temperature caused by taking the cam-
era into the water after it has been left on the beach, in direct
sunlight, or in other locations exposed to high temperatures
could result in water droplets forming inside the camera or
lens, potentially damaging the products.
• Do not remove the lens under water, open the connector or
battery-chamber/memory card slot cover, or operate the lens
release button or the latches or security locks on the connector
and battery-chamber/memory card slot covers while the cam-
era is immersed.
• Do not leave the product immersed for more than 60 minutes
at a time or expose it to depths greater than 15 m (49 ft) or to
rapids, waterfalls, water flowing at full force from a tap, or other
water under high pressure. Failure to observe these precau-
tions could expose the product to pressures high enough to
cause water entry.
Important: Precautions