Nikon Nikon 1 AW1 Reference Manual (en)

The Final Check
After going through the pre-shooting
checklist on page 51 and confirming that
the special-purpose waterproof lens is
attached and the connector and battery-
chamber/memory card slot covers are
closed and secure, immerse the camera
in fresh water, turn it on, and test the
zoom ring and camera controls to ensure that they operate nor-
mally and that the camera does not leak. To prevent water entry
and other damage, do not operate the lens release button or the
latches or security locks on the connector and battery-chamber/
memory card slot covers.
Should you notice air escaping from around the lens mount or
the connector and battery-chamber/memory card slot covers,
end the test and remove the camera from the water immediately
(air escaping from the pressure-equalization vent and micro-
phone and speaker covers is normal and does not indicate a mal-
function). Dry the camera and lens thoroughly and check the O-
ring and connector and battery-chamber/memory card slot cov-
ers are properly sealed. Consult a Nikon-authorized service rep-
resentative if you find that the camera leaks in normal use.