Nikon Nikon 1 AW1 Reference Manual (en)

The camera and lens should be cleaned within 60 minutes of
underwater use. Leaving the lens attached, immerse the camera
in fresh water to remove salt and other foreign matter. Failure to
observe this precaution could result in damage, discoloration,
corrosion, offensive odors, or vulnerability to leaks.
Ready the camera.
Immerse the camera and lens.
After Using the Camera Underwater
Before Cleaning the Camera and Lens
Clean the product indoors in areas not exposed to sand or spray and be
sure to remove the front cap from the lens and any water, salt, sand, or
other foreign matter from your hands or hair before proceeding. Do not
open the connector or battery-chamber/memory card slot cover until
all foreign matter has been washed away and the camera is dry.
Be sure that the special-purpose
waterproof lens is attached and that
connector and batter y-chamber/
memory card slot covers are closed
with the latches and security locks in
the positions shown.
Leaving the lens attached, immerse
the camera in a basin of fresh water for
about 10 minutes. To prevent water
entry and other damage, do not open
the camera connector or battery-
chamber/memory card slot cover
while the camera is immersed.