Nikon Nikon 1 AW1 Reference Manual (en)

Clean the zoom ring and camera controls.
Being careful not to touch the lens
release button or the latches or security
locks on the connector and battery-
chamber/memory card slot covers
press the flash pop-up button to raise
the built-in flash and gently move the
camera side to side, then operate the
lens zoom ring and each of the remaining camera controls a
few times to remove salt and other foreign objects.
Wipe dry.
Leave in the shade.
Clean inside the covers.
After confirming that no water or
other foreign matter remains on the
camera, slowly open the connector
and battery-chamber/memory card
slot covers and remove any water
droplets, sand, or other foreign matter
from the interior with a soft, dry cloth.
Dry the camera and lens barrel with a
soft, dry cloth. Water, fingerprints, and
other foreign matter on the front lens
element should be removed immedi-
ately by gently wiping the glass with a
soft, dry cloth. Do not use force.
Without removing the lens, place the
camera on a dry cloth as shown and
leave it to dry in a shady, well-venti-
lated area. Water will drain from the
zoom ring, pressure-equalization
vent, and the holes in the microphone
and speaker covers.