Nikon Nikon 1 AW1 Reference Manual (en)

To prevent water falling into the camera when the covers are
opened, hold the camera so that the covers open down-
Remove the lens.
The O-Ring
The camera uses an O-ring to form a watertight seal. Improper
handling of the O-ring can produce leaks. Check the condition of
the O-ring as described below whenever the camera has been used
under water or whenever foreign matter is found  on the O-ring
when the lens is removed.
Remove the O-ring.
After confirming that the lens and
camera are dry, detach the lens and
gently wipe the lens O-ring seal with a
soft, dry cloth to remove any foreign
objects. Note that there may still be
water between the camera and the
lens; to prevent water falling onto the
dust shield or lens when the lens is
detached, keep the camera flat and
remove the lens slowly.
Lightly stretch the O-ring by sliding
your fingers along either side and
remove it from the camera (you can
also use an optional O-ring remover;
0 201). Do not apply excessive force
or use your fingernails, metal objects,
or edged or pointed tools.