Nikon d3s User Manual (en)

❚❚Canceling Bracketing
To cancel bracketing, press the 
D button and rotate the main 
command dial until the number of shots in the bracketing 
sequence is zero. The program last in effect will be restored the 
next time bracketing is activated. Bracketing can also be cancelled 
by performing a two-button reset (
0 200), although in this case 
the bracketing program will not be restored the next time 
bracketing is activated.
ADL Bracketing
In continuous low speed and continuous high speed modes, shooting 
will pause after the number of shots specified in the bracketing 
program have been taken. Shooting will resume the next time the 
shutter-release button is pressed. In other modes, one shot will be 
taken each time the shutter-release button is pressed.
If the memory card fills before all shots in the sequence have been 
taken, shooting can be resumed from the next shot in the sequence 
after the memory card has been replaced or shots have been deleted to 
make room on the memory card. If the camera is turned off before all 
shots in the sequence have been taken, bracketing will resume from the 
next shot in the sequence when the camera is turned on.