Nikon d3s User Manual (en)

Start shooting.
Highlight Start On and press 
J (to return to the shooting 
menu without starting the 
interval timer, highlight 
Start Off and press 
J). The 
first series of shots will be taken at the specified starting time, 
or after about 3 s if Now was selected for Choose start time in 
Step 2. Shooting will continue at the selected interval until all 
shots have been taken. Note that because shutter speed and 
the time needed to record the image to the memory card may 
vary from shot to shot, the interval between a shot being 
recorded and the start of the next shot may vary. If shooting 
can not proceed at current settings (for example, if a shutter 
speed of A is currently selected in manual exposure mode 
or the start time is in less than a minute), a warning will be 
displayed in the monitor.
Close the Viewfinder Eyepiece Shutter
When taking photos without your eye to the 
viewfinder, close the viewfinder eyepiece 
shutter to prevent light entering via the 
viewfinder from appearing in photographs or 
interfering with exposure.
Out of Memory
If the memory card is full, the interval timer will remain active but no 
pictures will be taken. Resume shooting (
0 212) after deleting some 
pictures or turning the camera off and inserting another memory card.