Nikon d3s User Manual (en)

Adjust bracketing settings before starting interval timer photography. 
If exposure, flash, or ADL bracketing is active while interval timer 
photography is in effect, the camera will take the number of shots in the 
bracketing program at each interval, regardless of the number of shots 
specified in the interval timer menu. If white balance bracketing is 
active while interval timer photography is in effect, the camera will take 
one shot at each interval and process it to create the number of copies 
specified in the bracketing program.
During Shooting
During interval timer photography, the Q 
icon will blink in the top control panel. 
Immediately before the next shooting interval 
begins, the shutter speed display will show the 
number of intervals remaining, and the 
aperture display will show the number of shots remaining in the current 
interval. At other times, the number of intervals remaining and the 
number of shots in each interval can be viewed by pressing the shutter-
release button halfway (once the button is released, the shutter speed 
and aperture will be displayed until the exposure meters turn off ).
To view current interval timer settings, select 
Interval timer shooting between shots. While 
interval timer photography is in progress, the 
interval timer menu will show the starting time, 
the shooting interval, and the number of 
intervals and shots remaining. None of these 
items can be changed while interval timer 
photography is in progress.
Using the Monitor
Pictures can be played back and shooting and menu settings can be 
adjusted freely while interval timer photography is in progress. The monitor 
will turn off automatically about four seconds before each interval.