Nikon d3s User Manual (en)

Use Only Nikon Brand Electronic Accessories
Nikon cameras are designed to the highest standards and include complex 
electronic circuitry. Only Nikon brand electronic accessories (including battery 
chargers, batteries, AC adapters, and flash accessories) certified by Nikon 
specifically for use with this Nikon digital camera are engineered and proven to 
operate within the operational and safety requirements of this electronic circuitry.
The use of non-Nikon electronic accessories could damage the 
camera and may void your Nikon warranty. The use of third-party 
rechargeable Li-ion batteries not bearing the Nikon holographic seal 
shown at right could interfere with normal operation of the camera 
or result in the batteries overheating, igniting, rupturing, or leaking.
For more information about Nikon brand accessories, contact a local authorized 
Nikon dealer.
Before Taking Important Pictures
Before taking pictures on important occasions (such as at weddings or 
before taking the camera on a trip), take a test shot to ensure that the 
camera is functioning normally. Nikon will not be held liable for 
damages or lost profits that may result from product malfunction.
Life-Long Learning
As part of Nikon’s “Life-Long Learning” commitment to ongoing 
product support and education, continually-updated information is 
available on-line at the following sites:
• For users in the U.S.A.
• For users in Europe and Africa
• For users in Asia, Oceania, and the Middle East
Visit these sites to keep up-to-date with the latest product information, 
tips, answers to frequently-asked questions (FAQs), and general advice 
on digital imaging and photography. Additional information may be 
available from the Nikon representative in your area. See the following 
URL for contact information: