Nikon d3s User Manual (en)

Other Accessories
At the time of writing, the following accessories were available for 
the D3S.
Power sources
• EN-EL4a and EN-EL4 Rechargeable Li-ion Batteries (
0 26, 28): 
Additional EN-EL4a/EN-EL4 batteries are available from 
local retailers and Nikon service representatives. These 
batteries can be recharged and calibrated using an MH-22 
or MH-21 quick charger.
• MH-22 and MH-21 Quick Chargers (
0 26, 417): The MH-22, 
MH-21 can be used to recharge EN-EL4a and EN-EL4 
• AC Adapter EH-6: This AC adapter can be used to power the 
camera for extended periods.
Wireless LAN 
• Wireless Transmitter WT-4: Connects the camera to wireless 
and Ethernet networks. The photographs on the camera 
memory card can be viewed by computers on the same 
network or copied to a computer for long-term storage. 
The camera can also be controlled from any computer on 
the network using Camera Control Pro 2 (available 
separately). Note that the WT-4 requires an independent 
power source in the form of an optional EH-6 AC adapter 
or EN-EL3e battery. See the WT-4 manual for details.