Nikon d3s User Manual (en)

To turn the built-in or external microphone on or off or to 
adjust microphone sensitivity, highlight Microphone and 
2. To turn sound recording off, highlight Microphone 
off and press 
J. To turn recording on and adjust microphone 
sensitivity automatically, select Auto sensitivity (A)
Selecting any other option turns recording on and sets the 
microphone to the selected sensitivity.
To choose a destination when using two 
memory cards, highlight Destination 
and press 
2. Select a slot and press J. 
The menu shows the time available on 
each card; recording ends automatically 
when no time remains.
Using an External Microphone
Instead of the built-in microphone, commercially-available external 
microphones can be used to avoid picking up sounds produced by 
the lens during focusing or vibration reduction. Stereo recording is 
available with any microphone that has a stereo mini-pin jack 
(3.5mm diameter). 
Using a TV as a Monitor
If the camera is connected to a TV using an A/V or HDMI cable, the 
television can be used as a monitor for live view and movie 
recording. If an A/V cable is connected when the 
a button is 
pressed, the view through the camera lens will be displayed both 
on the TV and in the camera monitor, but the camera monitor will 
turn off during movie recording. If an HDMI cable is connected, the 
camera monitor will remain off during both live view and movie