Nikon D300 User Manual (en)

Shooting in Live View Mode
Although they will not appear in the final picture, banding or distortion 
may be visible in the monitor under fluorescent, mercury vapor, or 
sodium lamps or if the camera is panned horizontally or if an object 
moves at high speed through the frame. Bright light sources may leave 
after-images in the monitor when the camera is panned. Bright spots may 
also appear. When shooting in live view mode, avoid pointing the camera 
at the sun or other strong light sources. Failure to observe this precaution 
could result in damage to the camera’s internal circuitry.
Live view shooting ends automatically if the lens is removed.
Live view mode can be used for up to an hour. 
Note, however, that when used in live view mode 
for extended periods, the camera may become 
noticeably warm and the temperature of its 
internal circuits may rise, resulting in image noise 
and unusual colors.
To prevent damage to the 
camera’s internal circuits, live view shooting will 
end automatically before the camera overheats.
A count-down display 
will appear in the monitor 30 s before shooting ends.
At high ambient 
temperatures, this display may appear immediately when live view mode 
is selected.
In exposure modes other than manual, cover the viewfinder with the 
supplied DK-5 eyepiece cap after focusing.
This prevents light entering 
via the viewfinder from interfering with exposure (pg. 89).
To reduce blur in tripod mode, choose [On] for Custom Setting d9 
([Exposure delay mode], pg. 285).