Nikon D300 User Manual (en)

❚❚Canceling Bracketing
To cancel bracketing, press the Fn button and rotate the main 
command dial until the number of shots in the bracketing 
sequence is zero (
r) and W is no longer displayed in the control 
panel. The program last in effect will be restored the next time 
bracketing is activated. Bracketing can also be cancelled by 
performing a two-button reset (pg. 182), although in this case the 
bracketing program will not be restored the next time bracketing 
is activated.
White Balance Bracketing
White balance bracketing is not available at an image quality of NEF 
(RAW). Selecting [NEF (RAW)], [NEF (RAW)+JPEG fine], [NEF (RAW)+JPEG 
normal], or [NEF (RAW)+JPEG basic] cancels white balance bracketing.
White balance bracketing affects only color temperature (the amber-blue 
axis in the white balance fine-tuning display, pg. 129). No adjustments are 
made on the green-magenta axis.
In self-timer mode (pg. 89), the number of copies specified in the white-
balance program will be created each time the shutter is released.
If the camera is turned off while the memory card access lamp is lit, the 
camera will power off only after all photographs in the sequence have 
been recorded.