Nikon D300 User Manual (en)

❚❚Using Picture Controls
Picture Controls can be used as described below.
• Select Nikon Picture Controls (pg. 148): Select an existing Nikon 
Picture Control.
• Modify existing Picture Controls (pg. 150): Modify an existing Picture 
Control to create a combination of sharpening, contrast, 
brightness, saturation, and hue for a particular scene or effect.
• Create custom Picture Controls (pg. 154): Store modified Picture 
Controls under unique names and recall or edit them as desired.
• Share custom Picture Controls (pg. 158): Custom Picture Controls 
created with the camera can be saved to the memory card for 
use in ViewNX version 1.2.0 or later and other compatible 
software, or software-created custom Picture Controls can be 
loaded into the camera.
• Manage custom Picture Controls (pg. 161): Rename or delete custom 
Picture Controls.
Nikon Picture Controls Versus Custom Picture Controls
The Picture Controls supplied by Nikon are referred to as Nikon Picture 
. In addition to the Nikon Picture Controls supplied with the 
camera, optional Picture Controls are available for download from Nikon 
websites. Custom Picture Controls are created through modifications to 
existing Nikon Picture Controls. Both Nikon and custom Picture Controls 
can be shared among compatible devices and software.