Nikon D300 User Manual (en)

Lowering the Built-in Flash
To save power when the flash is not in use, 
press it gently downward until the latch 
clicks into place.
The Built-in Flash
Use with lenses with focal lengths of 18–300 mm (pg. 354). Remove lens 
hoods to prevent shadows. The flash has a minimum range of 60 cm (2 ft.) 
and can not be used in the macro range of macro zoom lenses.
If the flash fires in continuous release mode (pg. 76), only one picture will 
be taken each time the shutter-release button is pressed.
The shutter release may be briefly disabled to protect the flash after it has 
been used for several consecutive shots. The flash can be used again after 
a short pause.
See Also
See page 178 for information on locking flash value (FV) for a metered 
subject before recomposing a photograph.
For information on choosing a flash sync speed, see Custom Setting e1 
([Flash sync speed], pg. 288). For information on choosing the slowest 
shutter speed available when using the flash, see Custom Setting e2 
([Flash shutter speed], pg. 290). For information on using the built-in flash 
in commander mode, see Custom Setting e3 ([Flash cntrl for built-in flash], 
pg. 291).
See page 357 for information on using optional flash units. For 
information on the range of the built-in flash, see page 408.