Nikon D300 User Manual (en)

C: Custom Setting Bank
Custom Settings are stored in one of four banks. Changes to 
settings in one bank have no effect on the others. To store a 
particular combination of frequently-used settings, select one of 
the four banks and set the camera to these settings. The new 
settings will be stored in the bank even when the camera is turned 
off, and will be restored the next time the bank is selected. 
Different combinations of settings can be stored in the other 
banks, allowing the user to switch instantly from one combination 
to another by selecting the appropriate bank from the bank menu.
The default names for the four Custom Settings banks are A, B, C, 
and D. A descriptive caption can be added using the [Rename] 
option as described on page 256.
Custom Settings Bank
The bank letter appears in the control panel and 
shooting information displays. If settings in the 
current bank have been modified from default 
values, an asterisk will be displayed adjacent to 
the altered settings in the second level of the 
Custom Settings menu.
Reset Custom Settings
Choose whether to restore default settings for the current Custom 
Settings bank. See page 402 for a list of default settings. Custom 
Settings are not reset when a two-button reset is performed.
Restore defaults for the current Custom Settings bank.
No (default) Exit without changing Custom Settings.