Nikon D300 User Manual (en)

d8: LCD Illumination
At the default setting of [Off ], the control panel backlight (LCD 
illuminator) will only light while the power switch is in the 
position. If [On] is selected, the control panel will be illuminated 
while the exposure meters are active (pg. 46). Select [Off ] for 
increased battery life.
d9: Exposure Delay Mode
At the default setting of [Off ], shutter is released when the shutter-
release button is pressed. When shooting with [Tripod] selected in 
live view mode (pg. 83) or in situations where the slightest camera 
movement can blur pictures, [On] can be selected to delay shutter 
release until about 1 s after the shutter-release button is pressed 
and the mirror is raised.
d10: MB-D10 Battery Type
To ensure that the camera functions as expected when eight AA 
batteries are used in the optional MB-D10 battery pack, match the 
option selected in this menu to the type of batteries inserted in 
the battery pack. There is no need to adjust this option when 
using EN-EL3e or optional EN-EL4a or EN-EL4 batteries.
LR6 (AA alkaline)
Select when using LR6 alkaline AA batteries.
HR6 (AA Ni-MH)
Select when using HR6 Ni-MH AA batteries.
FR6 (AA lithium)
Select when using FR6 lithium AA batteries.
ZR6 (AA Ni-Mn)
Select when using ZR6 Ni-Mn AA batteries.