Nikon D300 User Manual (en)

Flash Contacts
The D300 is equipped with an accessory shoe for attaching 
optional flash units directly to the camera and a sync terminal that 
allows flash units to be connected via a sync cable.
❚❚The Accessory Shoe
Use the accessory shoe to mount optional 
flash units directly on the camera without a 
sync cable (pg. 358). The accessory shoe is 
equipped with a safety lock for Speedlights 
with a locking pin, such as the SB-900, SB-800, 
SB-600, and SB-400.
❚❚The Sync Terminal
A sync cable can be connected to the sync 
terminal as required. Do not connect 
another flash unit via a sync cable when 
performing rear-curtain sync flash 
photography with a flash unit mounted on 
the camera accessory shoe.
ISO Sensitivity
When auto ISO sensitivity control is on (pg. 96),  ISO sensitivity will 
automatically be adjusted as required for optimal flash output when an 
optional SB-900, SB-800, SB-600, or SB-400 flash unit is attached. This may 
result in foreground subjects being underexposed in photographs taken 
with the flash at slow shutter speeds, in daylight, or against a bright 
background. In these cases, choose a flash mode other than slow sync or 
choose a larger aperture.