Nikon D300 User Manual (en)

The D300 is equipped with a ten-
pin remote terminal for remote 
control and automatic 
photography. The terminal is 
provided with a cap, which protects 
the contacts when the terminal is 
not in use. The following 
accessories can be used (all lengths are approximate):
• Remote Cord MC-22: Remote shutter release with blue, 
yellow, and black terminals for connection to a remote 
shutter-triggering device, allowing control via sound or 
electronic signals (length 1 m/3 ft. 3 in.).
• Remote Cord MC-30: Remote shutter release; can be used to 
reduce camera shake or keep the shutter open during a 
time exposure (length 80 cm/2 ft. 7 in.).
• Remote Cord MC-36: Remote shutter release; can be used for 
interval timer photography or to reduce camera shake or 
keep the shutter open during a time exposure. Equipped 
with back-lit control panel, shutter-release lock for use in 
bulb photography, and timer that beeps at one-second 
intervals (length 85 cm/2 ft. 9 in.).
• Extension Cord MC-21: Can be connected to ML-3 or 
MC-series 20, 22, 23, 25, 30, or 36. Only one MC-21 can be 
used at a time (length 3 m/9 ft. 10 in.).
• Connecting Cord MC-23: Connects two cameras for 
simultaneous operation (length 40 cm/1 ft. 4 in.).