Nikon D300 User Manual (en)

The Battery and Charger
Read and follow the warnings and cautions on pages xviii–xx and 379–382 of 
this manual
. To prevent short-circuits, replace the terminal cover when 
the battery is not in use.
Do not use the battery at ambient temperatures below 0°C (32°F) or 
above 40°C (104°F). Charge indoors at ambient temperatures in the 
vicinity of 5–35°C (41–95°F); for best results, charge the battery at 
temperatures above 20°C (68°F). Battery capacity may temporarily drop if 
the battery is charged at low temperatures or used at a temperature 
below the temperature at which it was charged. If the battery is charged 
at a temperature below 5°C (41°F), the battery life indicator in the [Battery 
info] (pg. 321) display may show a temporary decrease.
The battery may be hot immediately after use. Wait for the battery to cool 
before recharging.
Use the charger with compatible batteries only. Unplug when not in use.
Incompatible Batteries
The D300 can not be used with EN-EL3 or EN-EL3a rechargeable Li-ion 
batteries for the D100, D70 series, or D50 or with the MS-D70 CR2 battery 
EN-EL3e Rechargeable Li-ion Batteries
The supplied EN-EL3e shares information with compatible devices, 
enabling the camera to show battery charge state in six levels (pg. 44).
The [Battery info] option in the setup menu details battery charge, battery 
life, and the number of pictures taken since the battery was last charged 
(pg. 321).