Nikon D300 User Manual (en)

Press the 
Q buttons again.
Press the 
Q (I and O) buttons together a second time to 
format the memory card. Do not remove the memory card or 
remove or disconnect the power source during formatting.
When formatting is complete, the 
control panel and viewfinder will show 
the number of photographs that can 
be recorded at current settings.
Memory Cards
• Memory cards may be hot after use.
Observe due caution when 
removing memory cards from the camera.
• Memory cards that have been formatted in a computer or other device 
must be reformatted in the camera before they can be used for 
recording or playback.
• Turn the power off before inserting or removing memory cards.
Do not 
remove memory cards from the camera, turn the camera off, or remove 
or disconnect the power source during formatting or while data are 
being recorded, deleted, or copied to a computer.
Failure to observe 
these precautions could result in loss of data or in damage to the camera 
or card.
• Do not touch the card terminals with your fingers or metal objects.
• Do not bend, drop, or subject to strong physical shocks.
• Do not apply force to the card casing.
Failure to observe this precaution 
could damage the card.
• Do not expose to water, high levels of humidity, or direct sunlight.
No Memory Card
If no memory card is inserted, the control panel 
and viewfinder will show 
S. If the camera is 
turned off with a charged EN-EL3e battery and 
no memory card inserted, 
S will be 
displayed in the control panel.