Nikon D300 User Manual (en)

LCD Illuminators
Holding the power switch in the 
position activates the exposure meters 
and control panel backlights (LCD 
illuminators), allowing the display to be 
read in the dark.
After the power 
switch is released, the illuminator will 
remain lit for six seconds (at default 
settings) while the camera exposure 
meters are active or until the shutter is released.
Auto Meter Off
At default settings, the shutter speed and aperture displays in the control 
panel and viewfinder will turn off if no operations are performed for about 
six seconds (auto meter off ), reducing the drain on the battery.
Press the 
shutter-release button halfway to reactivate the display in the viewfinder 
(pg. 52).
The length of time before the exposure meters turn off automatically can 
be adjusted using Custom Setting c2 ([Auto meter-off delay], pg. 279).
Camera Off Display
If the camera is turned off with a battery and 
memory card inserted, the frame count and 
number of exposures remaining will be displayed 
(some memory cards may only display this 
information when the camera is on).
Power switch
6 s
Exposure meters on Exposure meters off
Exposure meters on
Control panel