Nikon D800 User Manual (en)

Observe proper precautions when 
handling the charger
• Keep dry.  Failure to observe this 
precaution could result in fire or 
electric shock.
• Dust on or near the metal parts of 
the plug should be removed with 
a dry cloth.  Continued use could 
result in fire.
• Do not handle the power cable or 
go near the charger during 
thunderstorms. Failure to observe 
this precaution could result in 
electric shock.
• Do not damage, modify, or 
forcibly tug or bend the power 
cable.  Do not place it under 
heavy objects or expose it to heat 
or flame.  Should the insulation be 
damaged and the wires become 
exposed, take the power cable to 
a Nikon-authorized service 
representative for inspection. 
Failure to observe this precaution 
could result in fire or electric 
• Do not handle the plug or charger 
with wet hands.  Failure to 
observe this precaution could 
result in electric shock.
• Do not use with travel converters 
or adapters designed to convert 
from one voltage to another or 
with DC-to-AC inverters. Failure 
to observe this precaution could 
damage the product or cause 
overheating or fire.
Use appropriate cables
When connecting cables to the 
input and output jacks, use only 
the cables provided or sold by 
Nikon for the purpose to maintain 
compliance with product 
CD-ROMs containing software or 
manuals should not be played 
back on audio CD equipment. 
Playing CD-ROMs on an audio CD 
player could cause hearing loss or 
damage the equipment.
Do not aim a flash at the operator of a 
motor vehicle
Failure to observe this precaution 
could result in accidents.
Observe caution when using the flash
• Using the camera with the flash in 
close contact with the skin or 
other objects could cause burns.
• Using the flash close to the 
subject’s eyes could cause 
temporary visual impairment. 
Particular care should be 
observed when photographing 
infants, when the flash should be 
no less than one meter (39 in.) 
from the subject.
Avoid contact with liquid crystal
Should the monitor break, care 
should be taken to avoid injury 
due to broken glass and to 
prevent the liquid crystal from the 
monitor touching the skin or 
entering the eyes or mouth.